The Sad Fate of Runaway Sneaks

Running shoes abandoned in the mud of Brandywine Marsh

When a sneaker runs off, it may be sunshine and smiles for a bit, but our countryside is littered with the tragedies that ensue.

You’ll see them hanging from power lines, imprisoned under storm-sewer grates, or flattened and flung to the roadside by the massive wheels of semis…

Or even washed up here?

After a three-day downpour, I recently ventured through the woods, only to stop and gape at the sight of a perfectly sound pair of sneaks…

A handsome couple who had slipped their bonds, run off in the rain and drowned.

Kidding aside, doesn’t this make you wonder why?

I mean, what’s a serviceable set of walking shoes doing, empty and ownerless, way out here?

How on earth did they wind up in this remote and watery grave?

Were they worn here? But if so, how did their owner get away? Did he walk barefoot all the way home through muddy, thorny, mucky marsh land?

It’s a puzzler to me. What do YOU make of it? Please let me know with your LIKE and COMMENT. I genuinely would like to know, dear Follower. I’m stumped.






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