Center of the Marsh

Don’t wear your Sunday best today.

We’re walking down a semi-secret path that wends through sorta-dry land to the center of the Brandywine Marsh, not far from the Ford from which John Chadds made his living, some 250 years ago.

Also a bit West is a stone fishing dam constructed by the Lenni-Lenape tribe —a bit overgrown with trees, but still usable by hardy folk willing to clamber over the rocks, and I’ll share a photograph of this as soon as I have something good to show.

The Battle of the Brandywine—one of the most important actions of the early American Revolution—was fought just steps away.

It’s muddy, splashy and slippery in spots, but there’s a kindly placed boardwalk over the deepest parts—and when you step back down to the earthen path, you find this.

I brought my Sony 24mm f1.4 prime and set up my tripod for this shot so that I could shoot at f16 with an exposure of one second. As with most landscapes shot in RAW, I couldn’t really see what I had until I developed it—and it came out so well, I decided to share it with you.

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