My best shot in 10 days of “meh”

If I haven’t posted much lately, well, you can guess the reason. Splendid spouse thought this shot of a sun-baked barn was worthy.

I thought, maybe — it came from a recent trip to a (ah, did we hope!) “picturesque” morning  island in the Chesapeake Bay, for which we had high hopes, but which turned out to be photographically “meh.”

She likes the featured, B&W, version better. I favor the color, which I believe makes the washed-out barn stand out a bit better from its verdant background. Which do YOU prefer, dear fabulous Follower? Please let me know with your LIKE (I hope!) and COMMENT.

Island Barn, #2 of 2
Island Barn, #2 in a collection of two photographs. Perhaps if I’d dared to trespass, I could’ve shot this barn with my 24mm, closer up, to create a narrower depth of field. As is, I had to shoot this at 400mm, f6.3, which doesn’t make the barn pop as much as I would’ve liked.

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