Baby on Board!

I’m being watched, but by whom?

Someone tiny up high. Chipmunk? Nope! Tail’s too bushy—but too scraggly for a Squirrel’s unless…yes!

Meet Bobbi the Baby Grey Squirrel.

Cute as a muffin and maybe that size, she could perch in the palm of my hand.

Mama must’ve schooled her well, and she may be watching right now. Called Kits, baby Greys are born blind and stick close by their mothers for two or three months.

For half an hour, Bobbi crouches, stock still, on a towering white pine—half hidden by the small branch that supports her, broad as her tiny torso.

She wants badly to descend and munch on a seed buffet scattered by messy finches. First though she must study my ways for another half hour, after which…

There she is. Mom was sampling those same scattered seeds a while back, so they must be good…

Good girl that she is, Bobbi stands tippy toe every few seconds for safety’s sake.

She can stretch pretty high. Even higher! Such a talented toddler.

And that’s how I spend my afternoon and half my camera’s memory card.

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Baby on Board! #2 of 5
Second in a collection of five photographs. Born blind, squirrel kits can soon be wonderfully observant, with eyes that can take in about 290 degrees. Tap here to shop the ArthurPix® store for paper prints, framed metal wall-hangings and other cool keepsakes bearing this original photograph.
Baby on Board! #3 of 5
Third in a collection of five photographs. Bobbi finally decides I mean no harm. Seconds later, she’s foraging on the ground. Buy this photograph.


Baby on Board! #4 of 5
Fourth in a collection of five. Every few seconds, Bobbi stands up for a safety check. Buy this photograph.
Baby on Board! #5 of 5
Bobbi’s still tiny as a co-cake, bit look how high she can stretch up on tippy-toe! Buy this photograph.






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