Is this the world’s most beautiful goat?

Meet Lloyd, a gorgeously dappled, russet-coated goat, with the long, droopy  ears that instantly identify him as a Nubian.

I adore Nubian Goats—not just for their beauty but also for their intelligence and characteristically sweet nature. Lloyd proves no exception. I have no hay or carrots for him, but he happily accepts my offer to scratch behind his noble ears.

Lloyd has a sweet setup, equipped with a meter-high platform, accessible by a ramp that he eventually climbs—perhaps so he can look me in the eye, or more likely because goats just like high places.

Across from Lloyd stands little Charlie, who accepts Lloyd’s alpha status, but not without protest. At least once every afternoon, Lloyd climbs the ramp and evicts Charlie from the prime spot.

And every time Lloyd does so, his human informs me—before yielding to Lloyd, Charlie pees on the hay.

I watch this happen precisely as predicted, expecting Lloyd at least to give Charlie an alpha nip. Not too be.

Lloyd simply carries on with his lunch, sweet-natured as always.

I love this goat.

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World’s Most Beautiful Goast, #2 of 2
After permitting me to scratch behind his noble, drooping ears, Lloyd placidly enjoys his lunch. How can one not love this goat? Buy this photograph.

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