Meet My Favorite Migrant

I love a migrant and Ruby is her name…
She flies to Costa Rica with no plane.
Ruby, Ruby, small but mighty,
 Tiny wings, but man, they’re flighty!
Ruby, Ruby, how? I can’t explain.

(Sung to the tune of “Ruby, Ruby” by Dion, as performed by Donald Fagan on the album Nightfly)

A whirring sound prompted the corner of my eye to catch a green glimmer. And there was Ruby—the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. No ruby on her throat, but she must be Archilochus colubris, because that’s pretty much the only species of Hummer that you’ll see in the USA east of the Mississippi.

Ruby is tiny, but those pert little wings carry her from as far North as Canada to Costa Rica—a migratory feat that, far as I know, is rivaled only by the Monarch Butterfly. My friend David Barrie, author of the fantastic book Supernavigators: Exploring the Wonders of how Animals Find their Way, could doubtless tell you how she manages it, but I couldn’t tell you without looking it up in his book—and I’d rather recommend you do so yourself because it’s a fabulous read.

Meantime, you’ll find my first photograph of Ruby above—perched on a White Pine branch. And below, you can see a few shots of Ruby suspended in flight. Please let Ruby and me know which photograph you prefer, by posting a COMMENT—and don’t forget to leave a LIKE! Thanks so much, dear Follower; you’re the best!


My Favorite Migrant, #2 of 5
Second in a collection of five photographs. How can these tiny wings carry little Ruby from as far north as Canada all the way south to Costa Rica? Search me, but you’ll doubtless find the answer in the super new book Supernavigators by my friend David Barrie
Third in a collection of five photographs.
Fourth in a collection of five photographs.
Fifth in a collection of five photographs.

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