What Bee These Teeny Tiny Blossoms?

Believe it or not, this is a Bee’s eye view of Liriope stalks…the long purple stems that spurt up this time of year, imparting glorious color betwixt the striped green blades of what some call Monkey Grass.

I was shooting songbirds when I saw Beatrice Bumblebee, busy as a you-know-what, and I couldn’t resist. I had no idea whether my telephoto could do a job generally reserved for Macro lenses, and was pleased enough with the results to share them here.

“Dear little Beatrice,” said I “Thou art blessed with unworldly patience.” (Bumblebees are quite formal in speech and appreciate the same from us.)

“It must be the height of drudgery to harvest the infinitesimal drops of nectar from each minuscule Liriope blossom. Had I not the photographic proof that thou wouldst deign to do it, I durst never to believe it.

”But, dear human,” she replied, “This is the ideal field of flowers for me. It’s only a flight of mere millimeters to my next blossom!” She had a point.

I wonder if Lariope honey is sold anywhere? If so, I would surely seek it out, for it must be an exquisite gourmet delicacy. Bumblebees such as Beatrice only produce enough honey to sustain the hive and so aren’t domesticated, but perhaps some very patient Honeybees have also undertaken this unrewarding task? Please let me know if you have any information about this.

Also, should any of these three photographs please you, do tell me which you prefer. As always, I love receiving your LIKES and COMMENTS. Thank you so much!

Bee's Eye View of Lariope
Second in a collection of three photographs. As each wee blossom opens in the morning sunlight, Beatrice buzzes over to harvest its  sweet, fresh nectar.
ArthurPix® Photography
Third in a collection of three photographs. And, as she reminded me, it’s only a flight of millimeters to her next blossom!

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