Beau Says HOWDY!

Our buddy Beau the Great Blue Heron is full of surprises.

He comes by to visit and fish just about every day, in good weather. But I often have to shoot him from less-than-ideal angles, because he can be a bit shy about getting close.

Not so today! Maybe Beau was curious about my new lens and camera setup, or perhaps he finally decided I was harmless. Whatever the reason, I was shooting a Great Egret, when Beau appeared out of the southern sky and flew straight at me, pulling up to land about fifteen feet away.

All the while, I shot burst after burst, and was so intent upon keeping him in focus — no mean feat with a honking big bird hurtling head on —that I didn’t notice the slightly smaller Great Blue Heron right behind him!

It was only when I started developing my photographs that I espied… could that be Belle right behind him?

Must be. I guess Beau was saying “Howdy Human, meet my sweetheart!” Thank you, Beau. It’s been an honor.

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Beau says Howdy!, #2 of 2
Second in a collection of two photographs. I almost missed the slightly smaller Great Blue Heron right behind Beau. I think it must have been his longtime mate, Belle! Tap here to buy this photograph.


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