Beau’s Back!

I love shooting birds in flight…

…and my favorite bird to photograph with his glorious wings extended is none other than our buddy Beau, the ever-fascinating Great Blue Heron.

Beau has so many moving parts that he never looks quite the same in any photograph. He recently treated us to a broad variety of flying poses—and here are my favorite back views.

Our featured photograph, above, shows Beau taking off into the wind. Look how he lets you admire each of his gorgeous wing feathers, as the wind lifts every layer into relief!

Below are two more views from the same burst, as each powerful wing stroke accelerates his beautiful body.

Second in a collection of three. Seen from the side, Beau’s body begins to assume the distinctive arrow shape that allows him to glide at speeds of 30 miles per hour.
Third in a collection of three. Here, Beau treats us to a view of his full, wonderfully expansive wingspan. Wow, what a reach, Beau!

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