Belly of the Beast

Aww, Beau, I didn’t  mean it!

You’re no beast but a beloved friend—and I just can’t resist a flashy title.

As he visited me lately, our friendly and inquisitive Great Blue Heron spread his magnificent wings to reveal his beautiful belly and the interior side of his magnificent wings.

Then he turned to me and sang as only Beau can manage a serenade: SQUAHEHAHNK! Squahehahnk!

Best of all, I was able to capture it all on my new Sony a7r IV camera, with its 61 megapixel sensor — fitted with Sony’s new 200-600mm  f5.6-f6.3 lens —so I could capture every feather and barb of Beau’s interior wingspan, and every beautiful, white powder feather blowing in the breeze.

Thanks so much, O Beau the Rock Star. We love you!

Belly of the Beast, #2 of 3
Second in a collection of three photographs. Here’s Beau in the split-second before our featured photograph, landing nearby to say hi.
Belly of the Beast, #3 of 3
Third in a collection of three photographs. And here’s Beau furling his wings after his glorious song. Let us give him a standing O!

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