All Hail Hortense! (Once More, with Feeling)

Today I was hot to test the resolution of my new Sony a7r IV, but no birds volunteered for modeling duties, with the doughty exception of Hortense the Female House Finch.

Oft dismissed by wildlife photographers as the avian equivalents of , well, let’s be kind and say Gray Squirrelsls, House Finches, and especially the drab-colored females, are rarely celebrated. But I’m rather taken with Hortense here, whose feathers are so clearly captured that you can make out the pins and quills.

I have celebrated the female House Finch before, and shall doubtless do so again—because they have the unquestionable virtue of being models ready at short notice.

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All Hail Hortense, #2 of 2
Second in a collection of two photographs. Having treated us to a view of her beautiful back, Hortense turns and models her breast feathers.

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