Belle the Beautiful Furls Her Wings

Here at last is a recent closeup of Beau’s beautiful female consort—the Great Blue Heron, Belle!

And how, you may ask, can I tell the difference? Well, basically by taking many photographs of each individually and both together. When doing so, it becomes clear there is a somewhat larger Great Blue Heron, with a long, pointed beak—and a slightly smaller one with a shorter and very slightly blunter bill. When I see them fishing together, he always comes first, so that Belle will not be exposed to any dangers that he doesn’t first fend off.

I was greatly honored, feeling very emotional indeed, when the mates came flying straight toward me, so close together that I didn’t see Belle until she emerged from behind Beau and took the prime fishing hole where I so often see Beau.

I was fortunate to capture her, both in flight and in the process of furling her beautiful wings. I chose these photos out of many because they foreshorten her bill and accentuate the physical differences between her and the male. Can you see the clear difference? Please let me know with your COMMENT, and don’t forget to leave a LIKE, dear Follower! You’re the best!

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Second in a collection of two photographs. Here is Belle captured an instant earlier than #1, as she lights down on her fishing spot. Which do you prefer?Buy this Photograph in the ArthurPix® Store

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