Radley the Red-Belly on the Wing

Radley rides an Updraft

Radley’s a daily visitor to our garden, and I’m always pleased to welcome him, especially because…

…he’s the third generation of magnificent Red-Bellied Woodpeckers who made their home in our trees!

Many’s the time I’ve tried to capture Radley or his progenitors in flight, but these beauties are so quick off the mark, only the tail-feathers generally show.

Patience and persistence are key to bird photography, so I continually try to nail Radley as he ventures anywhere within lens range…

And today, I could barely believe my eyes when I uploaded my latest captures to Lightroom—because there he was! I had been so sure I missed him, that I didn’t even check the burst after I shot, but now we have two photographs of his beautiful body riding the air.

And imagine my thrill when I brought the photograph up to full size—et voilà!

Please let me know how you like him, and thanks so much for being my follower. You’re the best!

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How considerate of our dear Radley to fit his flitting wings into this photograph!!

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