“Fly Casting” with a Snowy Egret

Sammy, our Snowy Egret buddy, returns today as the tide recedes, to feast on small crabs and other sea critters in the shrinking pools.

I love to follow him when he ventures near enough for a decent shot—because sooner or later, he’ll troll for prey by “fly casting” with his golden feet!

In this photograph, he’s not flying away—no, he’s making a rather shallow, wing-assisted glide. When the marsh critters see his glowing feet, moving overhead, they’ll either jump for the lure or flee in fright.

Either way, Sammy wins, because their movement exposes them long enough for his needle-like beak to harpoon or snag them. And I win too, capturing both his diaphanous wings and his beautiful plumage, streaming behind him. These streamers get increasingly beautiful as mating season proceeds.

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