Secret Sunset on the Inlet

You couldn’t ask for two more different, adjacent islands on America’s East Coast than Ocean City, Maryland, and Assateague National Seashore.

And you could hardly find a more magical place to watch twilight in these parts than Sunset Park—a tiny bit of boardwalk that wandered off and got lost on the western shore of this inlet.

A few evenings ago, however, I found an even better vantage. Tipped by a local, I scrambled under Sunset Park and planted tripod on wet sand lapped by inlet waters.

Placing a 3-stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter atop a 6-stop ND, I waited till the sun dipped under the skyline, and opened the shutter for three minutes at f18. Repeat a few times, take your pick, and here’s my favorite.

The Fishing Pier adjacent to Sunset Park spans the middle ground of this photograph, with its perpendicular entry connecting to the foreground. Behind the pier, you can make out the bayside homes of Ocean Gateway, with an archetypal seaside water tower and cell pole further south. All the way at the far southern corner of this photograph lurks the northern tip of Assateague National Seashore.

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