Turf War! Part II

As promised, here’s the conclusion of the Gaffer Gander vs. Otis the Great Blue Heron Turf War, showing what happens when Gaffer catches up to Otis…


If I read these two frames correctly, when Gaffer actually sees whom he’s chasing, he has second thoughts about a confrontation…

And below, you’ll see an angry Otis chasing Gaffer! Our featured photo above shows the two macho males wingtip-to-wingtip, and below you can see the rather comical reversal.

Nobody’s hurt and Otis continues to fish on the Salt Marsh surrounding the docks.

NOTE: After sunset, we spied Gaffer and Gretel Goose tending a clutch of fluffy new Goslings, in a farmyard adjoining the Salt Marsh. So this is what made Gaffer so combative! I’ll furnish a photo if I see them in daylight with camera handy.

I very much doubt that Otis will come anywhere near Gaffer’s happy family.

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Turf Wars! Part II #2 of 2
Second in a collection of two photographs. And here we see the rather comical reversal, as an apparently angry Otis the Great Blue Heron chases Gaffer the Gander away from his longtime feeding grounds! Nobody gets hurt, Otis continues to fish near the docks, and Gaffer’s family of fluffy Goslings are growing up on a nearby farm. Tap here to shop the ArthurPix®Store for prints, wall hangings and other cool keepsakes featuring this original photograph.


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