Beau has Breakfast

Boys are always hungry, and this goes double for big boys like Beau the Great Blue Heron…

The other day, I was fortunate enough to photograph him at breakfast, right off the dock of the home where we were staying.

You can see that long sharp beak of his at work, spearing the fish, then gobbling it down. His neck looks not unlike the proverbial python-eating-a-pig, but even in the process, he retains his handsome dignity.

Eat hearty, Beau!

Beau has Breakfast, detail of photograph 1
Great Blue Herons are excellent spear fishers, moving their pointed beaks so quickly, you can barely see it happening. One moment Beau is just sitting patiently and ZAP! There’s a fish on his spear!
Beau has Breakfast 2nd of 4 photographs
You were taught to chew your food throughly, but Beau’s a bird, and for him, the rules work differently!
Beau has Breakfast, 3 of 4
GULP! Goes Beau, and the fish disappears.
Beau has Breakfast, 4 of 4
Fourth in a collection of four photographs. Finally the fish is just a bulge in Beau’s long neck…and now it’s time to find another goodie!

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