Egret Squadron

When Great Egrets Eric and Eliza fly together, I can’t help thinking of military aircraft…

It was back in World War 1 that pilots discovered their fighters were much safer and more effective flying in pairs than alone, and a duo became the smallest unit sent off on a mission.

And check out how beautifully these Great Egrets dive, climb and swoop! In my featured shot, Eric banks nearly 90° in the midst of a perfect, 180° Chandelle maneuver—while Eliza climbs out of a dive, presumably on the lookout for prey.

In shots below, however, the couple often simply seems to be joyriding, swooping, banking, turning in tandem and diving again—the showoffs! 

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Second in a collection of four. A split second after our featured shot, Eric completes his 180° Chandelle turn as Eliza climbs out of her fishing dive.
Third in a collection of four. The pair now appear to begin a game of pursuit, as Eric speeds after Eliza.
I love the way in which Great Egrets can curve their wings with infinite grace as they fly. When the sunlight shines through them, they resemble scalloped seashells.

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