Just for Smiles, Here’s Lester

To echo a photographer friend, if you’re healthy and self-quarantining, there’s no reason you can’t visit your wildlife friends…

Lester the Lesser Yellowlegs is one such little guy who makes me smile even on days when I’m feeling down. He loves to scoot around salt-marsh pools, pursuing his tiny prey.

I photographed him the other day as he hunted down a fish so little, I can’t tell you what it was.

In fact, it might have been an insect. Or an insect larva —or perhaps a small crustacean. My Audubon guide doesn’t get more specific. It simply says the Lesser Yellowlegs eats “little fish, crustaceans, insects, snails…”

Can YOU tell me what Lester might be swallowing in the last frame of this collection? If so, or if not, please leave a LIKE and a COMMENT if Lester makes you smile. And thank you, dear Follower—you’re the best!

Second in a collection of three photographs. You might not know it from his tiny size, but Lester’s a voracious, mighty hunter!
Third in a collection of three. Can you guess what Lester’s eating here? If so or even if not, please leave a comment!


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