Show off!

Beau the Great Blue Heron had gotten so friendly that he was posing on our dock, flying straight at us and introducing me to his missus…

Here he’s zooming quite close to the shoreline of our cove so I can view the beauty of his long body and amazingly flexible wings!

I never tire of my beloved friend. I miss him terribly during this time of the plague, which keeps me from visiting my buddies. I do apologize for taking a long holiday from ArthurPix®—photography is still what I do, with time off for screenwriting when required — but I confess to being so soaked in the CoVID19 blues, that I hadn’t the heart to post.

We’ve been quite healthy all this while—even free of colds and so on, like the crew of a ship at sea, as Joseph Conrad observed more than once—donning our masks and bringing along our sanitizers whenever required to shop, fuel the car, answer the door and soon. So my absence has no excuse but laziness I suppose.

In the upside, I’ve been reading as I haven’t since researching my latest screenplay or past magalogs, and listening to music more attentively than I have in my 20s, rejoicing in each instrument 🎷, voice and even the synthesized stuff, as well as the classics by Cage and Stockhausen that proved so influential on Paul McCartney and Roger Waters.

Well then, back to Beau. I miss you, mate! Hope you’re not pining for company, as we’ll be back!

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